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What Is Globalingual

Globalingual ia a crowd-sourced concierge service that answers questions that has to do with anything "foreign": language, culture, travel... Our advisors are specialists in various fields, many of whom live abroad and are proficient in two or more languages. We can not only answer language related questons, but also help you with helpful tips when moving abroad, turor children with English, and much more.


Globalingual is a global platform where our Advisors are located across the world in vaious time zones. Our Advisors are therefore accessible any time of the day to provide our services for you.


We provide consistent quality not found in free services. Many of our advisors are specialists with proficiency in languages who have lived abroad. The advisors are background-checked and have signed non-disclosure agreements. Our advisor rating system further motivates us to provide superior output.


Use our Online Session and Premium Order services for the more complex tasks. We can handle tasks that are larger in volume or those that are neither straightforward translations, editing nor proofreading. Combining text-based requests with online sessions allows the flexibility to cater to a wide range of needs.

Our Services

Quick Request

Send us a request to have any type of question-related to "foreign" matters: translations and proofreading, questions on foreign culture and customs, local area information, and so on. Tasks are handled in a timely fashion by someone from our pool of advisors with the specialized skills and knowledge pertaining to your request.

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Online Session

You may wish to talk directly with an advisor using our Online Session where direct interaction is helpful. You can book 15-minute sessions that you can use to ask questions interactively, to practice English conversation, for quick interpretations and more.

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Premium Order

Premium Order is a task that is large in volume, or for a task that is not easily fulfilled by using only Quick Request or Online Session. Use Premium Order for translation of a longer document, or for a summary, paraphrase, or transcreation of a text. You can search for an advisor with specific qualifications or designate your favorite advisor. Submit a request with details to receive an estimate for the task.

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