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Examples For Online session

(Example 1) Language conversation practice
"I have tried online conversation platforms in the past but didn't find them useful because my level of English was too low. There was too much time of just silence. I'd like to practice conversation with someone who is bilingual so that I can ask questions in Japanese."

(Example 2) Tutorial session
"I am enrolled in an MBA program and I have a number of finance-related problems that I have to solve. I'd like to have a session where I can ask questions in Japanese with someone with a finance background who is also an MBA holder."

(Example 3) Advice on overseas relocation
"We are moving to New York next summer. We need to find a school for our third-grade daughter, but cannot decide whether to send her to a local school or to the Japanese School. I want to speak with someone who is currently sending his/her child to a local English school."

(Example 4) Online interpretation
"I am living in Singapore now. I have a plumber coming in tomorrow to fix our bathroom but I'm not confident with my English. Could I have someone help me out as an interpreter when the plumber is here?"

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